Ed Sheeran slams ‘every area’ of London as ‘dangerous’ before taking aim at Tories

Ed Sheeran slams ‘every area’ of London as ‘dangerous’ before taking aim at Tories

Singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran has criticised the capital as being “uncertain” and “dangerous”.

The 33-year-old reportedly owns 22 properties in London but said the entire city poses a risk of people “being robbed”.

The Standard reports that Sheeran lives in a £3.75 million property in Suffolk and reportedly rents out properties in London.

In a chat with American podcaster Theo Von, the popular singer was asked: “What’s the most dangerous place to be around here?”

“Here? I would say every area of ​​London. Literally every area is suspect,” the Shape of You singer replied candidly.

He continued: “I think you can’t be anywhere. It’s not like a segregated city. No, I mean the good areas are suspect, the bad areas are suspect, but you just have to not do dumb s***.”

The singer classified all of London as “dangerous”

Theo Von – Youtube

“If you walk around with, I don’t know, a Louis Vuitton bag and a £200,000 watch, you’re going to get robbed,” he insisted before suggesting: “But just don’t do it.”

The Perfect hitmaker continued to criticise the Conservative Party in the interview, accusing it of not supporting the arts.

“I’ve probably been doing music-related stuff in high schools for the last seven years because in my area, basically in 2017/2018, my old music teacher came to me and said, ‘Look, the government that’s in charge right now doesn’t value art at all… arts, theater, music,'” Sheeran recalled.

“And they cut all the funding for comprehensive secondary schools. So my music teacher came to me and said, I think they should split between art, music and drama, like £700 a year for all three subjects.

Sheeran made the comments in a podcast interview.


“So I started funding that at my local high school. And then you see a huge increase in kids doing production, kids composing, kids doing this.

“I built a recording studio there. There are a lot of proper instruments that aren’t broken and you see the school improving in music.

“So I started doing it in the county where I’m from. And now we’ve moved to doing it nationwide.

“And now I’m visiting more high schools and places that really need funding for music.”