Weather map shows when warm conditions could return – but there’s still a wait

Weather map shows when warm conditions could return – but there’s still a wait

It hasn’t exactly been a long, hot summer in Wales so far. In fact, it’s been more of a case of ‘blink and you’ll miss it’ weather so far – with memories of a few stolen days of glorious sunshine in June now all but forgotten as we’ve faced day after day of wet, windy conditions with temperatures that are almost average for this time of year.

Surely it won’t stay that way until autumn? Potentially not, as the Met Office has given us some hope that we can once again pack our bags for the beach and break out the sun cream that’s almost out of date in the kitchen cupboard. You can get the latest Wales Online newsletters sent directly to you via email for free when you sign up here.

Tuesday (July 9) will continue to be much the same as we expected, with showers hitting different parts of Wales throughout the day. In fact, there is a thunderstorm warning in place for parts of the country between 2pm and 11.59pm on Tuesday, with up to 10-20mm of rain possible in an hour or so and up to 30mm in a few hours in some places.

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Wednesday looks a little better with less chance of rain and temperatures around 17C in the late afternoon, while Thursday looks set to be the best day of the week with a maximum 20% chance of rain and temperatures reaching 18C. But Friday and Saturday look pretty unsettled, with an increased chance of showers throughout the day across most parts of Wales.

Outlook for this week (according to the Met Office)

Tuesday night:

“Heavy and persistent rain will continue to move northwards across Scotland and parts of Northern Ireland. Showers with thunder slowly easing across northern England. Elsewhere remaining largely cloudy with some showers in places. A muggy evening for all.”


“Uncertain with clouds and rain in the north for much of the day. Becoming drier elsewhere with some sunny spells possible in the far south. Feeling hot in the sun.”

Forecast for Thursday to Saturday:

“Mostly dry, although quite cloudy, during this period, but showers remain possible at times, perhaps heavy. Temperatures generally below average, but feeling warm in any sunshine.”

Long-range forecast (July 14-23):

Above-average temperatures for this time of year could be on the way as we head into the second half of July, at least for a few days. According to the Met Office: “Over the weekend, conditions will be mostly cool to average with some showers at times, mostly settling in the northwest.

“The early part of the new week is likely to see a mix of rain or showers moving in from the southwest as a more westerly breeze establishes, allowing temperatures to recover to near or just above average, feeling warm in mostly sunny spells barring any showers/heavy showers or thunderstorms, with a more settled spell to the south midweek, possibly spreading to much of the UK, although this is likely to only be for a few days at most before a wetter northwesterly flow resumes.”

The Met Office added that from July 24, there is a “greater than normal chance of a more prolonged period of stability developing” with “above-average temperatures overall”. A weather map from WXCharts also indicates that warmer conditions could be experienced around that time.

So whisper it softly, but we may have a little more summer before the end of July and into August. Let’s hope it’s worth the wait.

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