“It’s never been in worse condition!”

“It’s never been in worse condition!”

Former Scotland Yard detective Peter Bleksley has backed Ed Sheeran’s claims of “suspicious London”, saying the city is becoming “increasingly lawless”.

In an interview with American stand-up comedian Theo Von, the Shape Of You singer said that “every area of ​​London” is at risk of burglary and theft.

When asked what the “most dangerous area” of the capital is, Sheeran replied: “I would say every area of ​​London, literally every area is dodgy. The good areas are dodgy, the bad areas are dodgy, but you just don’t have to do stupid s***.

“If you walk around with a Louis Vuitton bag and a £200,000 watch, you’re going to get robbed. Just don’t do it.”

Ed Sheeran said ‘every area of ​​London is suspect’ in a recent interview with American stand-up comedian Theo Von

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Reacting to the claims, former Scotland Yard detective Peter Bleksley admitted that while Sheeran is right in his allegations, he joked that it “makes him sick” to side with the pop star.

Discussing the comments, Bleksley told GB News presenter Camilla Tominey: “It makes me sick to my stomach to say that Ed Sheeran is right.

“I want anyone who is successful and can afford a fancy watch and a nice handbag to be able to walk around our great city without fear of being robbed. But unfortunately, crime statistics show that there is an increasing number of violent crimes in the city.”

Noting the rise in crime rates in London in recent years, Bleksley said the “very nasty pace of crime growth continues”, including a “huge amount of fraud” and “other serious crimes against women and girls”.

Sheeran says people wearing designer items in London ‘will get robbed’

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When asked by Camilla how crime in London has changed over the past 20 years, Bleksley confirmed that it is “no longer the case” that people “feel safe walking around Oxford Circus and Bond Street”.


Bleksley explained: “The real truth of the matter is that some of the more prosperous areas were better policed ​​by the Metropolitan Police than others. Officers would be placed particularly in places where there was great wealth.

“Now, unfortunately, the truth of the matter is that a lot of crime goes unreported and that’s really the elephant in the room. There are so many people that I talk to on a daily basis who are victims of crime in our great city.

“And when I ask them in a pleading tone, ‘Did you report this to the police?’ The answer, inevitably, is ‘What’s the point?'”

Camilla said Londoners’ failure to report crime was a “terrible indictment” and also highlighted how 600 police stations have been closed across the UK in recent years as a result of Tory leadership.

Bleksley said the state of the police force in London had “never been worse”

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Bleksley then concluded that the collapse of the Metropolitan Police was not just a result of police station closures, but also of the “academic takeover” in 1997.

The former detective told GB News: “The essence of the collapse of the policing model as it used to be happened 20 to 30 years ago when academics took over.

“Senior police officers these days are loaded with degrees and MBAs and things like that, and if you want to get promoted through the ranks, you have to be an academic. Whereas practical police people who have worked their way steadily through the ranks will be overlooked, because they simply don’t have the necessary academic qualifications. Academia is everywhere in the police and it’s never been in a worse state.”

When asked about the rise in petty crimes such as shoplifting in the UK, Bleksley concluded that “the streets are increasingly lawless and policing is in chaos”.