Live updates as huge fire rages through Huyton industrial park

Live updates as huge fire rages through Huyton industrial park

Emergency services are currently dealing with a major fire at Huyton industrial estate.

Merseyside Fire and Rescue Service and Merseyside Police are currently stationed on Wilson Road. Pictures taken by the Liverpool ECHO show a huge pile of rubbish well ablaze, with black smoke billowing into the air.

The scene, which is near the APC delivery business, is currently cordoned off. Our reporter Katie Westwood is en route to the scene and will bring you the latest updates, photos and video on this breaking news story.

We have contacted Merseyside Fire and Rescue for further information.

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We will bring you updates throughout the night.

While firefighters remain on scene, we will do our best to provide updates throughout the evening on the scene.

A cordon is in place on the way to the site

Police and firefighters are still at the scene and a cordon has been put up to block access for people’s safety.

Smoke rising over the houses

A reader who lives behind where the fire is currently burning sent us these photos showing how close the smoke is to nearby homes

People were advised to keep all windows and doors closed

Sky lit up in orange as fire continues to spread

These stunning images show that the fire shows no signs of abating.

No cause of fire yet

MFRS has not yet determined the cause of the fire and will likely remain so until investigations can begin on site once the fire has been extinguished.

No injuries reported at the scene

There are no reports of injuries at the scene, which, given the scale of the fire, is extremely fortunate.

Smoke becoming unbearable in the place

Our reporter Katie Westwood is on the scene and says the smoke is getting really bad.

Man relieved that his business is not on fire

A man with a nearby business came to the scene as soon as he heard the news.

13 Photos Show How Quickly This Fire Spread

Here are 13 photos that show how quickly this fire has spread since the initial call at 7:34 p.m.

Neighbor had concerns about the location

The site is supposedly closed, but we have not yet had confirmation from the authorities.

Latest news from the fire department

Here is the latest advice from the MFRS with a warning for those living nearby and in the area

Fire at recycling center

MFRS has not yet confirmed which company the fire is linked to, but we know the location where the fire originated is a recycling center.

The whole area is filled with smoke

There are houses near this scene, but luckily at the moment it is blowing away from the nearest ones.

People gathered at the site

People are now gathering at the site of the fire, which can be seen across Merseyside

One person messaged us to say they smelled burning rubbish and smoke in Aintree.

MFRS advised people to stay away from the area and close all windows and doors.

If you live in the area, close all windows and doors.

The MFRS said: “Due to the large visible smoke column, residents and businesses in the area are asked to keep doors and windows closed.

“People with any health conditions should keep their medication close at hand and if they experience any side effects, call NHS 111 for advice.

“This is an ongoing incident, please avoid the area.”

10 fire engines now present

A Merseyside Fire and Rescue Service spokesman said:

“There are now 10 fire trucks and two aerial apparatus assigned to this incident due to the size of the fire.

“Crews are working very hard to combat the fire. A ground monitor and main jet are in use, while aerial apparatus is being deployed.”

Merseyside Fire and Rescue Service Update

Merseyside Fire and Rescue Service are attending an incident on Wilson Road, Huyton.

The teams were alerted at 7:34 pm and arrived at the scene at 7:48 pm, with six fire trucks and an aerial vehicle present.

On arrival this is a large pile of household waste involved in fire, measuring approximately 50m x 50m and 5m high. The fire has spread to a nearby single storey warehouse.

Firefighters fighting the accident

These images show firefighters trying to control the fire at height and firing hoses at tons of rubbish

The fire spreads very quickly

These images show how quickly the fire spread in such a short time.

The first image was taken just 10 minutes before this latest photo, which shows the now completely engulfed pile of trash.

The pictures show a huge fire now

Firefighters can be seen using a hose from an aerial device to try to control the massive blaze.

Incident in progress

Mersey Fire and Rescue Service said the incident was still ongoing.

Apparently the fire has not yet been controlled and firefighters remain on site and there are also police officers present.

Reporter on site

Our reporter Katie Westwood is now in place.

We’re not sure which building the fire started in, but it’s causing a lot of smoke in Huyton.

Video of the scene

Smoke rises into the sky as fire rages on Huyton Industrial Estate

More photos of the scene

Black smoke can be seen rising into the air as the fire takes hold of a rubbish heap inside the industrial park.



Police and firefighters are currently on Wilson Road in Huyton after a major fire broke out on the Huyton Industrial Estate.

Images from the scene show a large pile of rubbish on fire, with smoke rising into the air.