Reece Connor: Couple murdered man in Christmas stabbing, jury told

Reece Connor: Couple murdered man in Christmas stabbing, jury told

Image source, Nottinghamshire Police

Image subtitle, Reece Connor died from a stab wound to the chest

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  • Paper, BBC News, East Midlands

A man was murdered on Christmas Day after a confrontation in a Nottingham underpass, a court has heard.

Reece Connor, 29, died after being stabbed in the chest on Wollaton Road at 7.45pm GMT on December 25, 2023.

Nottingham Crown Court heard he was killed in a brief fight with cousins ​​Keaton Adlam-Morgan, 24, and Kersharn Dockeray-Barnett, 18.

The pair denied murdering Mr Connor.

Jurors were told that Mr Connor and Mr Dockeray-Barnett, on an electric scooter, came face to face in the Crown Island underpass, having entered from opposite sides.

John Lloyd-Jones, prosecuting, said: “They did not know each other but there appears to have been some sort of disagreement.”

Mr Lloyd-Jones said they split up but Mr Connor returned to the area a short time later, by which time Mr Dockeray-Barnett had summoned his cousin, Mr Adlam-Morgan.

“There was a fight,” Mr Lloyd-Jones said. “And Reece Connor was fatally stabbed with a knife in the chest.”

The jury was told that the defendants left the scene in different directions.

Mr Lloyd-Jones said paramedics were called to the area and found Mr Connor leaning against a fence.

They treated him and then took him to Queen’s Medical Centre, where he died despite all efforts to save him.

Image subtitle, The court heard the attack, on Wollaton Road, was over in less than a minute

The court was told that Mr Dockeray-Barnett, of Marchwood Close, Nottingham, called the co-accused after the confrontation on the flyover

The prosecutor said this prompted Mr Adlam-Morgan, who was at his cousin’s house, to rush to join him.

He said Mr Adlam-Morgan, of Southwold Drive, Nottingham, made a series of audio messages on Snapchat on the way to the scene of the stabbing, including one which said: “I’m going to kill everyone.”

Mr Lloyd-Jones said: “At this important time, Dockeray-Barnett was involved, a few minutes earlier, in an incident with Reece Connor.

“Keaton Adlam-Morgan knows something happened — the disagreement, that argument.”

The court was told the defendants met, saw Mr Connor and ran towards him.

“The incident was over in less than a minute,” Mr Lloyd-Jones said.

“He (Mr. Connor) was stabbed in the chest and died shortly thereafter.”

Mr Lloyd-Jones read another audio message to the jury, which he said was made by Mr Adlam-Morgan, shortly after the stabbing, which he said he had “had to smoke out” a random guy who attacked his cousin.