Watch Travis and The Killers’ Brandon Flowers cover Aztec Camera’s ‘Somewhere In My Heart’ in Glasgow

Watch Travis and The Killers’ Brandon Flowers cover Aztec Camera’s ‘Somewhere In My Heart’ in Glasgow

Travis and The Killers teamed up for a live performance of Aztec Camera’s ‘Somewhere In My Heart’ in Glasgow.

Both bands took over the OVO Hydrow in Glasgow last week (June 27) as part of The Killers’ ‘Rebel Diamonds’ tour, where Travis is supporting the show.

During the show, Travis brought out The Killers frontman Brandon Flowers and touring guitarist Ted Sablay to perform a cover of Aztec Camera’s 1987 hit “Somewhere In My Heart”.

The band began the track with Travis vocalist Fran Healy singing the first verse, and Flowers surprising the crowd and appearing during the song’s second verse.

Released as a single in 1988 by the Scottish band, “Somewhere In My Heart” reached number three on the UK singles chart and became a top 40 hit in Australia and Ireland.

Travis at the OVO Hydro on June 27th played:

‘Flowers in the window’
‘Somewhere in My Heart’ (Aztec Camera cover featuring Brandon Flowers and Ted Sablay)
‘Why does it always rain on me?’

Speaking previously with NME About joining Flowers and company on tour, Healy shared, “It’s going to be great. We’ve been friends for years and years and Ronnie (Vannucci Jr.) and Brandon (Flowers) are the sweetest guys.”

He continued: “It’s nice to be a support band again too. I love being a support band. It reminds me of when we supported Oasis[onthe‘BeHereNow’tourin1997]. We’d go in every night and knock them off the stage, which is what a good support band should do. You go in, the other band is watching you from the wings and saying, ‘Fuck you.’ And then they come out and put on a better show because of it.

“I said to Brandon, ‘I hope you know we’re going to come every night and try to get you off the stage’ and he was laughing. He said, ‘Bring it on’, so that must be brilliant. They’re great guys.”

Elsewhere, earlier this year Travis released ‘Raze The Bar’, his collaboration with Flowers and Coldplay’s Chris Martin.

Speaking with NME on how the collaboration came about, Healy said: “I called Chris, I was having a moment of, ‘I don’t know how to order the record.’ I had listened to it too much. I had a commission in the works, but I needed fresh ears, so I called Chris and we drove down the Pacific Coast Highway and listened to it.

“He had lots and lots of comments to make and he picked that particular song. He said, ‘Oh my God, it’s fucking awesome.’ So we went back home and he went to the piano and started playing. I said, ‘You should sing on it.’ He said, ‘Yeah, I do, but you should get more people to sing on it, too.’ So I called Brandon and he said, ‘Sure.’ So they both went in and sang on it.”

He continued: “They’re almost inaudible, but that was more the spirit of it. It’s got like a big chorus with a big gang of people. It’s a really, really good song.”

In other news, The Killers previously covered The Stone Roses’ ‘Ten Storey Love Song’ during a performance in Manchester.