Incredible Vincent Van Gogh event on a ‘scale never before seen in Scotland’ comes to Glasgow

Incredible Vincent Van Gogh event on a ‘scale never before seen in Scotland’ comes to Glasgow

A highly anticipated immersive event celebrating the life and work of Vincent van Gogh on “a scale never before seen in Scotland” has arrived in Glasgow.

Scheduled to run from today, Thursday, July 11, through Monday, August 26, the Beyond Van Gogh exhibition is welcoming art lovers from across the country to the city’s SEC to enjoy an immersive “dreamlike” journey that will bring to life some of the world’s most famous works of art, created by the Dutch master himself.

Although similar to an exhibition that was staged in the capital a few years ago by another company, organisers Annerin Productions and Paquin Entertainment Group are promising a much larger scale with this Glasgow event. The current production has already mesmerised more than five million people across the US, Canada and South America.

Thousands of tickets for the SEC show have already sold out, with the show’s initial run extended by three weeks due to “phenomenal demand.” It’s easy to see why people are getting excited, as this incredible event is set to transport people into a world full of vivid colors and Van Gogh’s famous brushstrokes.

The exhibition expertly displays over 300 of his masterpieces, allowing fans and newcomers alike to experience his creations in a new and magical way.

Combining cutting-edge technology and a specially curated musical soundtrack, the event was created to help people explore art in a new, modern way that highlights the impact of Van Gogh’s original artworks.

Described as “mind-blowing” and “breathtaking” by visitors when it was recently launched in Liverpool, where it attracted thousands of people over the opening weekend alone, the Daily Record was given the opportunity to get a sneak peek of what fans can expect last night at a special event ahead of the launch in Glasgow.

Inside the incredible experience.

Starting in the Introductory Hall, visitors pass through a space filled with gilded frames and displays that connect them with Vincent Van Gogh through his own words and correspondences through the personal letters he wrote to his brother Theo, who was also his greatest supporter.

There is a stillness here that heightens the poignancy of this connection, coming from a genius who often seemed to isolate himself from the world.

When you arrive at the Immersive Room, where Van Gogh’s paintings are “released from their frames” to completely envelop the space, the experience reaches an almost emotional level as you begin to appreciate not only the scale of the room, but also the volume of incredible artworks the man created during his lifetime.

Every inch of the space is filled with color as paintings begin to swirl and race across the floor and walls, and the words “breathtaking” really don’t do it justice and the artwork completely engulfs the space.

Van Gogh Experience – BROCHURE

As the room comes to life, the effect really starts to become profound, as every person in the room is stunned into silence as the space sways and moves to the music.

You can really feel your brushstrokes and the movement they create as you navigate what was already a pretty emotional experience.

Designed to spark each person’s imagination in “a playful, dreamlike way,” the sense of joy and escape that Vincent must have felt while creating each masterpiece begins to permeate the environment.

Water moves, wheat fields sway in the wind and the night scene of the Café Terrace comes to life as his most famous works of art, such as Sunflowers and Starry Night, change and transform into other lesser-known but no less incredible pieces, exploring everything from portraits to stunning landscapes.

By the time you finish, you really realize why so few artists have managed to do what he did, and why he is considered one of the greatest painters who ever lived, before he met his tragic end at just 37 years old in the summer of 1890.

If you weren’t a fan of the genie before you went, you certainly will be when you return to the world of reality as you step out of the SEC into the starry Glasgow night.

Tickets for Beyond Van Gogh: The Immersive Experience are still available on the official website.

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