Brighton’s Big Shots Cafe launches at-home barista course to transform your coffee game on a budget

Brighton’s Big Shots Cafe launches at-home barista course to transform your coffee game on a budget

Big Shots Cafe in Brighton is making waves among coffee lovers with its new Home Barista Course. Aimed at demystifying the coffee-making process, the cafe offers a comprehensive look at how to craft that perfect brew at home. Owner Josh Anderson has launched the course with a focus on developing coffee-making skills, including espresso extraction, milk frothing and latte art.

Josh shared his reasons, saying, “I’m teaching this course to help people learn better coffee extraction concepts, milk frothing tips and tricks, and latte art to apply to their home espresso machines.” But it’s not just for personal gain. Josh says the skills taught will benefit not only those looking to improve their morning routine, but also individuals aspiring to careers in the hospitality industry.

While Big Shots cafe is known for its amazing food, Josh’s love of coffee has seen that side of the business expand in recent months. “We’ve moved into coffee roasting with our roastery set up in our warehouse in Lonsdale. We have a few wholesale clients now. I really enjoy working with other businesses to improve their coffee offering and getting to know and train their staff to really nail it! Our wholesale partners have been reporting back great feedback straight away about how much people are enjoying their coffee, which I’m really excited about!”

Josh continues: “I’m currently working on our barista training courses, which I’ve set up a small coffee training studio section in our Brighton café. We’re starting with some in-home barista training with the idea that people are a bit strapped for cash at the moment and looking for ways to save money. As much as I’d love to welcome anyone into my café, I understand the reality that buying coffee from a café every day can be a luxury. But if you understand some basics about coffee, and with a little practice, you can achieve that quality and taste that you would get from a good café, at home. And I’d hate to see anyone sacrifice their enjoyable daily coffee experience just to have to tighten their belt a little. Especially when it doesn’t have to be that way!!”

The course covers a range of brewing techniques beyond espresso, including methods such as cold drip, pour over, French press and Moka pots. Not only will you improve your coffee game, but the benefits to your wallet are pretty impressive too. Josh says: “The cost of living is having such a huge effect on everyone, and there are savings to be had by making your own morning coffee, along with other benefits such as sustainability by avoiding takeaway packaging and reducing waste.”

Participants will take part in a two-hour hands-on session and receive a kilo of freshly roasted coffee beans from Big Shots Coffee Roasters. An exclusive promotion is available to Glam Adelaide readers, reducing the course fee from $100 to $60 with the promo code GLAMCOFFEE.

Josh is eager for coffee lovers to come, not only to learn, but to try his great brew, saying “I think my coffee is really, really good! I want people to try it and enjoy it!!”

Big Shots Cafe is situated near the idyllic Brighton Beach, a location that provides a scenic backdrop to learn the perfect coffee brewing techniques. The cafe itself has a vibrant and funky décor, featuring a specialty coffee and a training studio that expands to accommodate students during sessions. With a menu that ranges from light sharing plates to hearty brunches, and led by chef Suman Tiwari, Big Shots caters to a variety of tastes.

This new offering from Josh and his team at Big Shots Cafe presents a unique blend of community, skill-sharing and craftsmanship for those eager to hone their barista skills in a friendly and professional environment.

WHAT: Big Shots Barista Course
Big Shots Café, Jetty Road Brighton
WHEN: Saturday 20th July, 3:30pm
Saturday, August 17, 3:30 p.m.
Saturday 21 September, 3:30pm
PRICE: $100 per person or $60 if you use promo code GLAMCOFFEE
MORE INFORMATION: The course lasts 2 hours. All tickets include 1 kg of freshly roasted Big Shots Coffee Roasters coffee beans to take home.

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