BC.GAME signs $40 million deal as Leicester City’s official major partner

BC.GAME signs  million deal as Leicester City’s official major partner

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BC.GAME strikes $40 million deal to become ‘Official Major Partner’ of Leicester City, making waves in both football and iGaming circles.

In a move that has sent the football and iGaming world into a tizzy, BC.GAME has struck a $40 million deal to become the ‘Official Principal Partner’ of English football sensations Leicester City. Announced with a flourish on July 5, the partnership is not just a fling, but arguably one of the most headline-grabbing romances in Leicester City’s history.

From the 2024/25 season, BC.GAME branding will feature on the fronts of Leicester City men’s first team shirts and adult replica kits, making it a match that is impossible to ignore.

$BC Launch: Changing the iGaming Experience

In a bold move to spice things up, BC.GAME is launching its own cryptocurrency, BC, turning up the heat on the iGaming experience. Created with love and extensive community feedback, BC promises to be the right-hand man for users, offering a more rewarding and interconnected gaming experience. This token is expected to be the heartthrob of the BC.GAME ecosystem, facilitating smoother in-game purchases, access to VIP features, and more.

BC’s debut is like a first kiss — exciting and full of promise. It is set to enhance gaming dating on BC.GAME, fostering a community vibe among players. By weaving BC into the fabric of its platform, BC.GAME ensures that users can enjoy seamless and exclusive gaming dating like never before.

Since 2019, BC.GAME has been courting the Bitcoin Lightning Network, demonstrating its dedication to the evolution of crypto. BC.GAME changed the ‘B’ in its logo on its jerseys to a ‘₿’, a small nod to its influential role in the crypto love story. Ranked 16th on, the BC.GAME node is demonstrating considerable influence within the crypto community.

Love Notes and Growth Potions: The $BC Novel

BC.GAME is serenading BC’s growth with community airdrops, liquidity mining, and a full-fledged marketing love song. Backed by a robust tokenomics foundation, these initiatives are set to create a bustling market and consistently shower value on users. The community airdrop is like a love letter to early supporters, while liquidity mining ensures BC remains a hot and desirable asset.

With a marketing strategy that includes influencer collaborations, partnerships, and targeted advertising campaigns, BC.GAME is shouting its love for $BC from the rooftops, aiming to appeal to the competitive cryptocurrency market.

History of BC.Game and Leicester City football club

In a story as old as time, BC.GAME and Leicester City Football Club have decided to go hand in hand from August 2024 to May 2026. This partnership will see the BC.GAME logo appear on the Leicester City team shirts, a bold move that is set to increase the platform’s global allure.

Leicester City, with its Cinderella story of winning the Premier League in 2016 and the FA Cup triumph in 2021, is a club with a legacy and a fanbase as passionate as a first love. In line with BC.GAME’s strategy of merging with top-tier sporting entities, this partnership is a power couple in the making, increasing brand visibility for BC.GAME and offering Leicester City fans new and exciting ways to support their team.

So as BC.GAME and Leicester City look to each other and join forces, the world waits with bated breath to see this love story unfold, promising a future where the romance between iGaming and football will be like never before.

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