Cleaning crew steps up fight to stop Glasgow rubbish tip closure

Cleaning crew steps up fight to stop Glasgow rubbish tip closure

They are holding another protest in the West End at lunchtime.

Author: Callum McQuadePublished 10 minutes ago

Cleaning crews in Glasgow are stepping up their fight to save a rubbish tip in the city’s West End from closing.

They are protesting outside the Kelvinhaugh Street facility at lunchtime to warn that some streets could be left completely neglected if they are moved elsewhere.

Connor has worked for the council collecting rubbish for over a decade.

He told Clyde 1: “It’s really sad that we’re in this situation. The depot has also been modernised and is a much better facility than it used to be.

“If we move somewhere else, it could mean that certain streets will be neglected because there will no longer be a presence in certain parts of the city.”

There are also concerns that any plans to move elsewhere could result in longer commutes.

Connor added: “I live in Blantyre, I don’t drive and I take the train to work every morning.

“At the moment it costs me £5 a day but I’m afraid if we move to Maryhill that will double.”

We have contacted Glasgow City Council for a response.

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