Nottingham murder accused told friends he ‘smoked’ father-of-two on Crown Island on Christmas Day, jury told

Nottingham murder accused told friends he ‘smoked’ father-of-two on Crown Island on Christmas Day, jury told

A Nottingham murder defendant sent messages telling friends he had “smoked” a man moments after he and his teenage cousin stabbed him to death, a trial heard. In a series of voice notes sent on Snapchat, Keaton Adlam told how victim Reece Connor attacked him Kersharn Dockeray-Barnett – Translation of “Kersharn Dockeray-Barnett”then they killed him, the prosecution alleges.

The jury was told that Mr Connor, a 29-year-old father-of-two, suffered a single fatal stab wound to the chest after being attacked by the pair on the pavement near the city’s Crown Island on Christmas Day last year.

Adlam, 24, of Southwold Drive, and Dockeray-Barnett, 18, of Marchwood Close, deny murder.

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John Lloyd-Jones KC, opening the trial at Nottingham Crown Court, said: “At around 7.45pm on Christmas Day last year, Reece Connor was walking in the Crown Island underpass and encountered Kersharn Dockeray-Barnett. The two men did not know each other but there was some sort of dispute and then they both left the underpass.

“A short time later, Kersharn Dockeray-Barnett returned to the Crown Island area accompanied by his co-defendant. There, they confronted Reece Connor, an altercation ensued and Reece Connor was fatally stabbed in the chest with a knife.”

The prosecutor told the jury how, at 7.40pm on the night of the stabbing, Dockeray-Barnett and Mr Connor left their initial meeting on the flyover and set off in separate directions, with the accused getting back on his electric scooter and cycling towards Middleton Boulevard while Mr Connor got off and walked past the front of the Crown pub. Mr Lloyd-Jones said that moments later, Dockeray-Barnett called Adlam.

Reece Connor(Image: Nottinghamshire Police)

He said: “At the time the call was still going on, Keaton Adlam left Kersharn Dockeray-Barnett’s address in Marchwood Close. The prosecution say nothing other than a common sense conclusion that something happened in that underpass. Kersharn Dockeray-Barnett was very anxious to speak to his cousin and Adlam was very anxious to meet him.”

The prosecutor said that as Adlam rushed to find his co-defendant, he sent a series of Snapchat voice messages. He said: “One said ‘our man has just attacked Kish’. Kish is a nickname for Kersharn Dockeray-Barnett and we say that means someone has just attacked Kish. He sent another which said ‘I’m about to kill everyone’, which we say is extremely important in the context of the tragic future events that are about to unfold.”

Mr Lloyd-Jones said: “Reece Connor crossed the carriageways of the roundabout and approached the end of Wollaton Road. The (two) defendants were (now) coming in the opposite direction, they saw him, ran towards him, there was a confrontation and during the course of it Reece Connor was fatally stabbed in the chest.

Police vehicles photographed on Marchwood Close in Nottingham(Image: Joseph Raynor/ Nottingham Post)

“The incident was over in about a minute. There is no doubt that during this time Reece Connor was stabbed in the chest and shortly afterwards he died from that stab wound. “They (the defendants) set off in different directions. Kersharn Dockeray-Barnett, on his e-scooter, went along Radford Bridge Road and Adlam went along Western Boulevard.”

The prosecutor said that moments after the stabbing, Adlam sent more voice messages on Snapchat. He said: “One said ‘some yute tried to smoke Kish, bro’, which we say means another man tried to kill Kish (Kersharn Dockeray-Barnett). Another said ‘some random dude ran up to Kish and started fucking Kish, bro’, which we say is Reece Connor attacking Kersharn Dockeray-Barnett. He then sent a message saying ‘Fam, some random dude started smoking my cousin so I had to smoke him’. We say the street interpretation is that Adlam ‘smoked’ him, which means he killed the random dude and that’s exactly what happened to Reece Connor.”

Mr Lloyd-Jones said an ambulance crew arrived eight minutes after a 999 call, but he was sadly pronounced dead at 8.49pm the same night. Mr Lloyd-Jones said Adlam handed himself in to police on Boxing Day and was arrested. He said in his police interview that his cousin called him (after the initial encounter with the deceased) to say he had been “rushed” and had suffered a black eye.

The prosecutor said: “He said he turned the corner, saw the deceased and his cousin said ‘that’s him’, so he remonstrated with him about ‘hitting a child’ and the deceased said ‘I’m going to kill you’ and they started fighting. He said all he was doing was protecting his cousin and that he threw the first punch. He said they exchanged punches and then he saw the man ‘go limp’ and fall to the ground. He said he did not see any weapon and did not know how the deceased was stabbed in the chest.”

Police remained in the area today (Wednesday, December 27) following the fatal stabbing of 29-year-old Reece Connor on Christmas Day. Police vehicles are pictured in Marchwood Close.(Image: Joseph Raynor/ Nottingham Post)

Mr Lloyd-Jones said Dockeray-Barnett was taken to Radford Road police station, also on Boxing Day, by a family member and responded “without comment” to questions put to him. He said Mr Connor’s blood was found in three separate areas on the front of a jacket police seized from him.

Concluding the prosecution’s opening statement, Mr Lloyd-Jones said: “We say that whatever the dispute was that provoked this incident, whatever happened in that underpass, there was never any need to stab Reece Connor. We say his death was entirely unnecessary.

“We say that after the encounter in the underpass, Kersharn Dockeray-Barnett recruited his cousin, Keaton Adlam, they were seeking revenge and that is exactly what happened. These defendants found him, attacked him, stabbed him and killed him.”

The trial continues.