Eight of the wildest moments from Glasgow music festival, from police escorts to Buckfast bootleggers

Eight of the wildest moments from Glasgow music festival, from police escorts to Buckfast bootleggers

THOUSANDS of revellers are set to descend on Glasgow Green this weekend for the city’s seventh TRNSMT festival.

Big stars including Liam Gallagher, Calvin Harris and Gerry Cinnamon will headline the city of three days central event held between July 12th and 14th.

We look back at some of the craziest moments in TRNSMT history

More than 150,000 people are expected to attend the event which is now known as Scotland’s biggest music festival after replacing long-standing fan favourite T In The Park.

T was fired in 2016 after being plagued by nesting issues birds, drugs deaths and traffic chaos.

Festival boss Geoff Ellis then made the controversial move of abandoning the camping It is car parks for a party in the city center – TRNSMT.

Despite initial skepticism from music fans, T’s sister festival has provided some memorable moments over the years.

From police escorts to rappers For Buckfast’s hidden gem, here’s a look back at some of the wildest highlights at TRNSMT history.

Lorraine singing ‘Here We Go’ with rapper KSI

Scottish television queen Lorraine Kelly made a surprise virtual appearance on TRNSMT in 2021 when she presented rapper KSI to the crowd.

The ITV breakfast show host sang “here we f***ing go” as it was shown on the main stage’s big screens to open-mouthed viewers.

Lorraine Kelly appeared on big screens and screamed: “Here we fucking go”Credit: Michael Schofield – The Sun
The TV queen’s feat took place before rapper KSI’s performance on the main stage

Lorraine Kelly features rapper KSI screaming ‘here we fucking go’

She told music fans they would have “something special” ahead of the rapper took the stage to the elated fans.

Lorraine said: “You are about to see something very special.

“The legend is KSI.

“You know what to do – here we go, here we go, here we fucking go.”

KSI then shouted “Let’s go, b***h” as the Glasgow Green fans cheered and raved.

The partygoer of the moment PLANTS Buckfast on site DAYS before the festival

A fan was hailed a “TRNSMT hero” in 2021 after managing to sneak his own drink into the venue in the most unusual way.

Pure Radio Edinburgh producer Rory Barraclough hid a bottle of tonic wine underground DAYS before the event began and memorised where his treasure was buried.

Rory buried a bottle of Buckfast days before the festival
It took Rory hours to find the bottle again.

Watch TRNSMT ‘hero’ unearth buried bottle of Buckfast during festival

Although it took the opportunist hours to locate him, Rory managed to retrieve Buckfast during the event and place him inside the festival reasons.

Partygoers loved the genius plan and Rory said: “People loved it, it’s a bottle of Bucky – a Scottish institution.”

The moment Stormzy needed a POLICE ESCORT to get to his performance on time

British rapper Stormzy ALMOST lost his headlining spot at TRNSMT in 2019 after his flight from Switzerland to Glasgow was delayed.

Anxious fans waited in panic after the star posted yours trip dilemma in Instagram.

Stormzy had to be escorted by police to get to the show on time

Stormzy arrives in Glasgow with police escort as he rushes to perform at TRNSMT

Stormzy told followers he had suffered a major misfortune with three flights missed and the most recent one delayed.

However, after a dramatic race to the stage, he managed to make it to the main slot with the help of Police Scotland.

O rapper posted videos from him car driving for the festival place next door cops about motorcycles and wrote: “The guy is moving up in the fucking world. We have the fucking police escorting us… The guy the Queen family.

“That’s gangster.”

When ticketless fans ‘tried to sneak in’ swimming in the Clyde

Not having a ticket to Scotland’s biggest music festival didn’t bother these two 2019 newcomers.

The couple became the conversation from Glasgow Green at the weekend when they were caught trying to enter the site by rowing along the River Clyde.

Opportunists were seen swimming towards the festival in an attempt to get in.

Moment two lads ‘try to sneak’ into TRNSMT 2019 as they cross the River Clyde

The footage appeared in social media appearing to Show O men at the water.

They could be seen floating, clinging to the foundations of the bridge that crosses the Clyde at Crown Street, near Glasgow Green.

Unfortunately, the men did not complete their mission, but they became Social media sensations of the day.

When Paul ‘ordered a taxi full of DRINK’ backstage

Paolo Nutini would have ordered a Taxi full of DRINK behind the scenes at TRNSMT in 2022.

The 35-year-old Paisley singer is believed to have had the merchandise delivered ahead of his headlining performance.

Paolo had a taxi full of booze delivered backstage, according to a sourceCredit: Getty

A source at the festival said they saw the Taxi stand backstage and wait for passengers to exit.

They said: “I was waiting for someone to come out the back, but the driver opened the door and there was a bunch of booze inside.

“They must have called a store and gotten the Taxi to go get the drink for them.

“It looks like he is planning to have a good night anyway.”

Moment cheeky fan smuggles booze by pretending to have a medical condition

Amid rising drink prices at the festival, this risky partygoer managed to get her pink past of gin security pretending a doctor illness.

The crafty fan used a CATHETER BAG filled with her favourite tipple to sip her gin during the show.

Cheeky fan fills catheter bag with pink gin

TRNSMT Drinks Prices Left Me Speechless – I Faked A Medical Condition To Get My Gin Fix, Here’s How

She told The Scottish Sun: “I had half a pint of pink gin and no one noticed, even when I was being searched.”

She claimed that the staff did not want to question her about her ‘doctor illness’.

“I had the clear side of my leg so they couldn’t see the color, but they never checked.”

When Lewis Capaldi kicked Noel Gallagher’s ass with a Chewbacca mask

Scottish singer Lewis Capaldi used his 2019 song Show input to simulate Oasis star Noel Gallagher after he called him “f****** Chewbacca” and told him to “enjoy your 15 minutes”.

The 22-year-old took to the stage draped in a Scottish flag and wearing a Star Wars mask in retaliation for the taunt.

Lewis donned the famous mask in tribute to Noel GallagherCredit: Getty Images – Getty

TRSNMT 2019: Lewis Capaldi hits back at Noel Gallagher feud by appearing on stage in Chewbacca mask

He even changed his Twitter profile for a Photograph of your own face photoshopped onto Chewbacca.

He also changed his name to Chewis Capaldi in social media site.

Crazy Moment fans put teenager in wheelchair so he can go CROWD-SURFING

A young man got a VIP view of The Kooks’ 2017 Show at the festival after the crowd gave him a hand.

Read more in the Scottish Sun

Kooks fans hoist young man in wheelchair

Moment wheelchair-bound TRNSMT music fan caught crowdsurfing at The Kooks

Footage showed several burly punters holding the young fan on their shoulders so he could watch the indie rockers perform.

The incredible moment was captured by Amy Mackie, who posted a clip on Twitter saying: “The guy in the wheelchair is my new hero xx”