Club steps up public statements for Brighton man – Transfer game is clearly underway

Club steps up public statements for Brighton man – Transfer game is clearly underway

VfB Stuttgart will “try everything” to sign Deniz Undav on a permanent basis from Brighton and Hove Albion this summer, believing there are “good opportunities” to complete a deal.

That’s according to CEO Alexander Wehrle and sporting director Fabian Wohlgemuth, who have once again made their feelings known publicly as the transfer dispute with Brighton over the striker continues.

Undav was one of the stars of the German side’s show last season while on loan from Brighton and the Bundesliga club are determined to bring him back on a permanent basis this summer.

They had a clause to sign him from Brighton and activated it, but were immediately neutralised by the Seagulls, who used a buy-back clause they had agreed to prevent him from leaving. Brighton want a bigger fee if Undav leaves this summer and so the two clubs have been in talks for weeks, trying to find a price they can both agree on.

Meanwhile, Undav has made it clear that he wants to return to Stuttgart, even making a surprise appearance at the training ground this week in what was seen as a publicity stunt, perhaps intended to put more pressure on Brighton.

Now, Wehrle and Wohlgemuth have also made their views public, making it clear that they believe a deal needs to be struck.

“We have a good chance with Deniz Undav,” the CEO told Fussball News.

“In the end, it may also be a matter of time. At some point, we may have to say: this far and no further. But that moment has not yet arrived, and the market will only really start moving after the European Championships.

“He (Undav) has committed to us 100%. That is why we are prepared to make a transfer of this, by our standards, very large financial volume. But we will not exceed certain limits, we will remain sensible.”

“We will do everything to implement this because Deniz was an important stabilising factor last year – but also someone who leads the way in the locker room, who also provides the right lunch when there is a need,” Wohlgemuth added to SWR.

“At least in this case, we have to push our economic limits. We are in intensive discussions with Brighton. We are trying very hard. But as I said, we also have to make sure that we do not exceed our economic limits.”