Nottingham teenager accused of viaduct murder tells jury stabbing ‘not revenge attack’

Nottingham teenager accused of viaduct murder tells jury stabbing ‘not revenge attack’

A Nottingham teenager on trial for the murder of a father-of-two on Crown Islanddenied stabbing the victim in a “revenge attack”. Giving evidence, Kersharn Dockeray-Barnett said neither he nor his co-accused Keaton Morgan-Adlam had brought a knife to the scene where Reece Connor suffered a single fatal stab wound to the chest on Christmas Day last year.

Instead, the 18-year-old accused said it was the 29-year-old deceased who produced the blade from a bush and that he stabbed him in self-defence after picking it up from the ground as he thought he was going to be killed. The two men – adopted cousins ​​- are on trial for murder in Nottingham Crown Court. They deny the accusation.

In cross-examination, prosecutor John Lloyd-Jones KC said: “Are you seriously suggesting that this murder, this stabbing, the stabbing of Reece Connor, was an accident?” The teenager replied: “I would say it was more of a situation at the time, there was no way to get out of the situation without stabbing.”

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The prosecutor said, “You’re not suggesting it was an accident then?” The defendant replied, “To a certain extent.”

Mr Lloyd-Jones said: “It was a conscious act on your part. You felt you did what you had to do.” Dockeray-Barnett replied: “Yes, sir.”

The prosecutor said, “You and your cousin were involved, weren’t you?” He replied, “Yes, sir.”

Mr Lloyd-Jones said: “Did you two run up to Reece Connor and attack him?” The defendant replied: “We didn’t attack him.”

The lawyer said: “It was two against one, Mr Dockeray-Barnett.” He said: “To a certain extent, yes.”

Mr Lloyd-Jones said: “In anger he was stabbed.” Dockeray-Barnett replied: “I don’t use anger, sir.”

The prosecutor said: “You did it that night because you and your cousin murdered him because of what happened on the flyover earlier. You went back, found him, stabbed him and murdered him. It was a revenge attack.” Dockeray-Barnett replied: “No, sir.”

The teenager has previously admitted stabbing Mr Connor, saying he had “no other option” as he feared he would be killed. Giving evidence, he said “I felt horrible, I had taken someone’s life, I didn’t want to do it in the first place” when asked how he felt about what he had done.

Dockeray-Barnett said that minutes before the murder he had encountered the victim in an underpass next to the Crown pub, where he had been punched by her. He then summoned his co-defendant to the area and the victim was stabbed and killed.

Mr Lloyd-Jones said: “You say Reece Connor found ‘a shiny thing’ – a knife – in a bush. Is that true or a deliberate lie to shift the blame away from you and Keaton?” The teenager replied: “It is the absolute truth, sir.”

The prosecutor said, “You know it was you and Keaton who had the knife.” The defendant replied, “What are you implying, sir?” The lawyer said, “He (Mr Connor) never had a knife.” Dockeray-Barnett replied, “He did, sir.”

Mr Lloyd-Jones said: “You heard your cousin’s interviews with the police when they were played into evidence and he said he never saw you with a knife. He said Mr Connor went limp when they were fighting. But in your version, you had a knife.”

The teenager replied: “I had taken possession of the knife from him. He ran towards me while my arm was outstretched holding the knife.” The lawyer said: “You are making this up to hide what really happened.” The defendant replied: “No, sir.”

The trial of Morgan-Adlam, 24, of Southwold Drive, and Dockeray-Barnett, of Marchwood Close, continues.