Newcastle United Owners Knew What They Were Doing – Trust the Process

Newcastle United Owners Knew What They Were Doing – Trust the Process

If you read or hear anyone outside the Newcastle United board claiming to have knowledge of the club’s financial situation and transfer strategies, take it in stride.

We all have theories and opinions.

Perhaps some journalists have some additional information (from players, agents and other “insiders”), but they are not getting any additional information from the Newcastle United owners other than what they want to disclose.

Please share your thoughts and opinions – it creates an interesting distraction while we wait for the season to start. However, when opinions, theories or lies are seized upon by lazy and unscrupulous journalists, podcasters and social media “personalities”, it is problematic. It is best to simply ignore the noise and be skeptical of everything. Our club is tight-lipped.

My opinion is just that – an opinion.

However, rather than relying on what some chatterbox has said online, in the newspaper or at the bar, I am relying on the club’s past performance NUFC.

The latest meltdown from many in the Newcastle United fanbase over the weekend and continuing into the week may or may not have had merit. The fact is, we don’t know. Journalists and podcasters don’t know. Newcastle United’s owners know. The transfer team knows.

Would the Profit and Sustainability Rules (PSR) be violated without player sales? Maybe.

Were Newcastle United seriously considering selling Isak or Gordon? Unlikely.

Was the club in panic? No.

Were Liverpool, Chelsea or other clubs enquiring about our key players? Yes, as is their right (but that doesn’t mean Newcastle United didn’t give a firm no, or counter-attack with a huge price tag!).

Did Newcastle United get good value for Anderson and Minteh? Yes.

My answers to these questions are based on previous agreements made by Newcastle United’s owners.

Newcastle United’s owners have walked away from “businesses” that had no value and bought and sold them for good value.

In fact, the only deal they probably overpaid for was AC Milan (outcome TBD) and Chris Wood (who helped us keep the momentum going and had a net outlay of just £10m).

Newcastle United’s owners have invested wisely within the constraints of the Premier League’s current rules (which protect clubs with established revenues).

The sale of Minteh and Anderson for £68m was a coup by a club with a plan – not a bunch of panicked opportunists!

And while I can’t know, I would be very surprised if there wasn’t a sell-on clause included in each contract. Yes, they’re both exciting young talents, but neither has scored a Premier League goal. If Minteh thrives at Brighton and/or Anderson thrives at Nottingham Forest, our club could effectively buy for less than our competitors for the player. Or, if we chose not to go back and buy the player, we’d be paid double for the players!

I believe Newcastle United didn’t care about the rumours and hysteria as it benefited them.

If other teams believe we are short of money in relation to PSR (FFP), this helps in negotiation and also helps to gauge the interest of other clubs in our players.

While I admit that rumors can start with reliable sources (such as other clubs, agents or players), I am confident that they do not originate from within the club.

So, I will continue reading, dreaming, hypothesizing and theorizing.

However, I will allow Newcastle United’s owners and the club’s hierarchy to pursue their plan of winning trophies and challenging for league titles year in, year out.

They are the professionals. They are the only ones who really know.

They know the options available and have a list of targets and players that will take the club forward. And they have the courage, the guts, the common sense and the experience to close the best value deals.

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