Get a taste of bear at an official food truck that runs around London

Get a taste of bear at an official food truck that runs around London

If you’ve ever wanted to taste the food of The bearYou’re in luck. An official food truck for the show is popping up around London serving up culinary delights.

We’re now three seasons into the FX comedy-drama, and for all three seasons, we’ve been salivating over everything Carmy and Co. have done. From Sydney’s simple but delicious omelet to Marcus’s perfect donuts, it’s hard not to get hungry while watching. The bear (Although chefs find it hard to do otherwise when they watch the show). You might think you’ll only sink your teeth into the show’s sumptuous dishes in your dreams, but fans now have the chance to taste them in reality. The only catch is, you’ll have to go to London to do it.

The bear food truck is circulating in London

The bear The food truck is a collaboration between Disney+ and Mob Kitchen and will be making its way around London throughout the month of August. The Taste of London Instagram account posted a sneak peek at some of the dishes the truck will be serving. They include a Cheese and Onion Hash Brown, a Glazed Pork Belly Skewer, and a Beef Cheek Doughnut. Another dish not featured in the video is a 12-spice Fried Chicken.

According to The London Evening StandardThe food truck will be in four different locations on different dates, with two dates already passed.

  • Boxpark Shoreditch, 25th June
  • Pub in the Park, June 28th
  • Soho House Festival, July 4th
  • BST Hyde Park, 29 June to 14 July
  • Wilderness, August 1-4

If you don’t have the time or money to head to jolly old London, you may have to settle for watching all three seasons of The bear on Disney+ Hotstar. The third season, which was released last week, has received mixed reviews from audiences, although it currently sits at 94% on Rotten tomatoes.

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(Hero and Main Character Image Credit: Disney+ Hotstar)

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