Prime Minister Keir Starmer says Scotland will be at the ‘beating heart’ of new government ahead of Edinburgh visit

Prime Minister Keir Starmer says Scotland will be at the ‘beating heart’ of new government ahead of Edinburgh visit

SIR Keir Starmer has said he has a mandate to “govern all four corners” of the UK as he begins a four-nation tour.

The new Prime Minister will visit Edinburgh, Scotland, to welcome his new group of 37 Scottish Labour Party members Deputies before meeting with Prime Minister John Swinney.

New British Prime Minister Keir Starmer to visit Scotland on Sunday afternoonCredit: Getty
Sir Starmer will speak to First Minister John Swinney at Bute House as he ‘resets’ the relationship with the devolved governmentsCredit: PA

He will also travel to Wales and Northern Ireland to meet the prime ministers, as well as meeting with mayors of metropolitan areas in England next week.

At his Downing Street press conference on Saturday, the Labour leader said: “We clearly received on Thursday a mandate from all four nations.

“For the first time in more than 20 years, we have a majority in England, Scotland and Wales, and that is a clear mandate to govern all four corners of the United Kingdom.

“I will be meeting with the Prime Ministers, not just to discuss the issues and challenges of the day, of course we will do that, but also to set out a way of working across the UK that will be different and better than the way of working we have had in recent years and to recognise the contributions of all four nations.”

The Prime Minister will visit Edinburgh on Sunday afternoon when he will begin his tour of the city. UK to meet with the heads of the Devolved Governments as part of an “immediate reset” in the way Westminster works with them.

Number 10 said the First Minister and the First Minister of Scotland are expected to hold a substantive discussion on the pressing issues and areas on which both Governments can to work together, following your constructive appeal on the first day of the Prime Minister’s inauguration.

Ahead of the visit, Prime Minister Keir Starmer said: “Our UK Government will put Scotland back at the heart of everything we do.

“To the people of Scotland, my message is simple and clear: you are at the heart of how we unlock prosperity across the country.

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“We will rebuild a strong Scotland at the forefront of our decade of national renewal.

“My offer to the Scottish Government is the same.

NEW LINEUP First picture from inside Keir Starmer’s new cabinet as they meet for the first time since their landslide election victory

“We can turn disagreement into cooperation, and through meaningful cooperation and a genuine seat at the table, drive change for a generation.”

First Minister John Swinney said he will welcome new Prime Minister Sir Keir Starmer to Scotland tomorrow.

Speaking ahead of the meeting, the Prime Minister said: “I was delighted to have the opportunity to speak to the Prime Minister on his first day in office and to congratulate him and wish him and his family all the best.

“I look forward to welcoming the First Minister to Scotland, where I hope to have constructive discussions with him on our shared priorities for the people of Scotland.

“This includes ending child poverty, growing the economy, prioritizing net zero carbon and ensuring effective public services.

“I welcome the First Minister’s commitment to forging a positive relationship between our governments and, for our part, the Scottish Government is committed to working constructively with the UK Government to build a better Scotland.”

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Conservative MP Annie Wells said only her party would “stand up to this scandal-ridden SNP government”.

She added: “On many issues, you could barely put a cigarette paper between Labour and the SNP – with Anas Sarwar’s party voting with them almost 100 times to help drive their divisive agenda.”