Jacob Rees-Mogg chased by protesters as he leaves Cardiff University lecture

Jacob Rees-Mogg chased by protesters as he leaves Cardiff University lecture

Protesters have driven Sir Jacob Rees-Mogg off the Cardiff University campus after he gave a talk. Footage posted on X, the former Twitter handle, showed the Conservative MP being followed by a crowd of protesters as he was escorted to a waiting car by eight security guards.

Activists shouted angrily at the MP while waving Palestinian flags while security staff could be seen pushing back people trying to rush him. The former business secretary was speaking at the Welsh Conservative university association on Friday, April 27, PA reports.

The viral footage drew criticism with concerns raised over “unacceptable harassment” of politicians. However, in the video, Rees-Mogg himself appeared unfazed by the incident and called it a “legitimate and peaceful, albeit noisy, protest” in a later statement.

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Watch the video below:

Conservative Party chairman Richard Holden wrote on social media site X: “What fools these idiots are – no matter what they think their cause is, they do themselves a disservice. I’m sure @Jacob_Rees_Mogg will have taken this in stride, but no elected politician should have to put up with this blatant bullying idiocy.”

Jo Stevens, Labour’s shadow Welsh secretary, said: “I am concerned about the images of Jacob Rees-Mogg’s treatment by protesters in Cardiff. I disagree with him on almost everything, but we cannot accept a culture of intimidation in our politics. The right to lawful protest is sacrosanct, but harassment and intimidation are unacceptable.” Join our WhatsApp news community here to get the latest breaking news.

The protest was organised by the Welsh Underground Network and Cardiff Communists, with the former tweeting afterwards: “We helped organise a demonstration against this imperialist politician. We managed to block the doors, locking them out for several (hours). Mogg walked out under a barrage of our anger, anger at his Zionism, anger at his cruelty to the working class, anger at his very existence.”

Sir Jacob was filmed being bundled into a security vehicle while a protester hung onto the bonnet of the car before being pulled away by guards. Responding to the incident, the former Tory Cabinet minister said: “It was a legitimate and peaceful, albeit noisy, protest. The security team at Cardiff University were exemplary in allowing a lawful protest to take place whilst keeping everyone safe. Universities should be bastions of free speech and as both the protesters and I were able to give our views without fear or intimidation, the proper traditions of adversarial debate were upheld.”

Adam Johannes, from the Cardiff Stop the War Coalition, told WalesOnline: “The Cardiff students were right to highlight that politicians are talking about British universities being complicit in the destruction of Palestinian universities and what the International Court of Justice calls ‘plausible genocide’. Palestinian students and academics face ‘scholasticism’ – Israel’s systematic destruction of the Palestinian school and university system, libraries, museums, bookshops and archives as part of a genocidal war.

“We are witnessing the total annihilation of the Palestinian education system in Gaza. Every university has been destroyed or damaged. Hundreds of schools have been destroyed; 5,000 students have been killed; almost 100 teachers have been murdered. As Rees-Mogg himself said: ‘It was a legitimate and peaceful, albeit noisy, protest.'” For the latest Cardiff news, sign up to our newsletter here.