Brighton fans’ comments on Newcastle United signing Yankuba Minteh – Interesting

Brighton fans’ comments on Newcastle United signing Yankuba Minteh – Interesting

Brighton fans have reacted to the club’s signing of Yankuba Minteh.

Newcastle United are selling the 19-year-old for an initial fee believed to be in the region of £33m.

A deal that could prove to be a record signing for the south coast club.

So what do Brighton fans think of their new signing?

Interesting to hear what they have to say…

Brighton fans commenting on the signing of Yankuba Minteh via the North Stand Chat message board:

‘Why did Newcastle sell Yankuba Minteh? If he’s so good. It’s not like they needed the money.’

‘They do. PSR. Didn’t want to sell it, but had to get rid of at least one player, which would be almost total profit on the books.’

‘Wow. Great news to wake up to on a Monday morning.

We will definitely improve our performance in the recruitment department with an additional £30 million in cash.

Get in there’

“A potential record signing at 1am, no fanfare, we’re a strange club at the moment.”

‘It makes perfect sense simply because people knew this deal had to be done by Newcastle by midnight last night.

‘Newcastle signed him a year ago for around £6m, and after a year playing in the Dutch league we’ve just paid £30m. Is that a good deal?’

‘It certainly is for Newcastle as it will show around £24m in pure profit for their PSR (minus any sale due to OB). It’s a big fee for us but if it works out then we will have signed a gem and his stats etc look impressive.’

‘Certainly a good deal for Newcastle. Hopefully it will end up being good for everyone. Downside of buying in England – it’s quite expensive. But if it ends up being as good as Tross or Mitoma then it’s easily worth it.’

“Yankuba Minteh is very one-sided, I hope he improves on that.”

“No Maradona.”

‘What happened to buying these players a year earlier for £6m?’

‘Other clubs can also sign young players.’

“It was really exciting to sign this, we’re happy to finally have the March cover we so desperately needed last season.”

‘I can’t see Bloom spending £30m on a player to warm the bench. He plays on the right or the left.’

‘I think it could be similar to the Baleba signing. What seems like a huge fee for a young player who may not be quite ready, but could end up looking like a bargain.

He’s the kind of whiz kid we couldn’t/wouldn’t sign 3 years ago.’

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Minteh’s problem was that he wanted to sign for a Premier League club (or remain contracted to Newcastle and play for Newcastle), not a European league.

Clearly Brighton are a better option than Everton or Forest, who were the other possibilities, so we gave him exactly what he wanted (and apparently Newcastle would pay less than Lyon would pay for him).’

‘I’ve read about Toon fans hoping for sell-on clauses, I think that may be wishful thinking given the scale of the upfront fee.’

‘I could be wrong, but I’m not convinced Newcastle had any intention of selling Minteh after his loan spell, to be honest, not originally, but were compelled to do so, to help them comply with the PSR – hence their apparent initial desire for a buy-back clause in the Lyon negotiations – it seems he was a development player for them and could have fetched them a lot more profit after a couple of seasons in the EPL. But he was a convenient asset that they could sell for a quick and easy £33m, but still make around £27m profit to ensure he got over the line yesterday. They will still make more if Minteh’s contract contains a sell-on clause, which is very possible given their belief he is an investment player with a lot of potential.

With Anderson going to Forest (earning Newcastle a total of £68m before the PSR deadline) and Minteh being sold, I would say both players were sold below the value of their current development potential to Newcastle and probably sold for less than if they had not been sold under pressure but later in the window.’

‘That’s correct. Although I would say that with us paying the £30m up front (rather than in instalments) I would be quite surprised if the deal went Newcastle’s way in terms of a sale. It seems they needed the money in the books now, and they got it, I’m sure we wouldn’t give them much more to hold on to.’

‘We’re almost certainly not paying upfront — most transfers are paid in installments.

This doesn’t really matter to Newcastle, though – they needed to record the accounting transaction on or before June 30th for the PSR shenanigans. When the money actually hits their bank account doesn’t affect that at all.

There will almost certainly be add-ons as well, including a sell-on clause.