‘I’ve worked my whole life and now they want to tax my retirement’

‘I’ve worked my whole life and now they want to tax my retirement’

Pensions have been a hotly debated topic in the upcoming general election. We took to the streets of Cardiff and asked older people whether politicians are doing enough to help them.

Registered nurse Nicholas Parry, 53, has had to retire early because he believes politicians are not doing enough for older people.

He said: “They work for up to 50 years of their lives, with a life expectancy of maybe 10 to 12 years in retirement, and often, if they’ve worked hard and saved money, they still have to pay for eye tests, glasses, hearing aids, dental treatment, things that really, at their age, they should have for free. It’s the same as TV licences and things like that should be exempt.”

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Pensions and taxes are some of the most important issues for older people in Cardiff(Image: Shaurya)

John Rees, 73, a former hotel worker, said: “I’m penalised because I have to pay full council tax, you know, all the money I have to pay for myself. I get nothing for nothing.”

Patrick Toner, 68, who is a retired designer, also believes politicians are ‘definitely not’ doing enough for the elderly. He said: “They are talking about taxing pensions and investments. I have worked all my life, paid my taxes all my life and now they want to tax my pension. I think that is all wrong.”

While everyone we spoke to answered with a resounding “no,” most believe that even state pensions have failed to keep up with the cost of living.

Graham Hackett, 80, a retired university lecturer, believes the state pension alone is not enough. He said: “If I lived on my pension alone it wouldn’t be enough, but I also have a teacher’s pension which means it’s adequate. On the age pension alone I wouldn’t be able to live as I do now, no. I wouldn’t be able to afford much.”

These views were also shared by Patrick Toner, who believes that the pension alone doesn’t go far enough. He said: “If it wasn’t for my other investments, I wouldn’t be able to live a decent life. So if I was just on the pension, I would struggle – thankfully I’m not, but I see people who are, and that’s sad.” Watch the full video above