‘No one knocks on your door anymore’: we asked people if they knew who their MP was

‘No one knocks on your door anymore’: we asked people if they knew who their MP was

With the general election just days away, we asked people in Caerphilly if they knew who was running to be their local MP. It’s also the first general election with new voter ID rules.

We asked people if they knew they would need to bring photo ID to polling places. Most people said they planned to use their bus pass.

However, voters had less of an idea about who was running locally, with many saying they voted based on a party rather than individuals.

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Anne Morris, from Caerphilly, said she was disappointed by the lack of engagement with residents from potential MPs. “Nobody knocks on your door any more, nobody speaks to you. The only way you get to know the candidates is through the leaflets they put in your letterbox,” she said.

Anne felt that if she was going to vote, the candidates should make an effort to go there and talk to her.

Callum Murray said he tends to vote for a party rather than an individual, admitting he was unsure who the individual candidates were.

Mike Fara, 70, was of the same opinion. The retired factory worker said he had not really looked at individual candidates, having held the same views all his life after becoming involved with the Young Socialists when he was younger. “These Valley towns were built for the working class, so they should be Labour,” he said.

Laura Robson said she would definitely vote but felt she would need to do her own research as there was not enough information. Laura said she was struggling to trust politicians and know what actions they would actually take in government.

Chris Evans is running for Labour in Caerphilly. He is hoping to take over from former MP Wayne David, who announced his retirement in February to make way for a younger candidate. Brandon Gorman is running for the Conservative Party, Lindsay Whittle for Plaid Cymru, Steve Aicheler for the Lib Dems, Joshua Seungkyun Kim for Reform UK and Mark Thomas for the Green Party.

The new Caerphilly constituency combines most of the current Caerphilly borough with part of neighbouring Islwyn.