Three fantastic bands on offer at Daltons Brighton gig – Brighton and Hove News

Three fantastic bands on offer at Daltons Brighton gig – Brighton and Hove News

Friday night is party day and we are looking forward to heading to Daltons which is located right on Brighton’s iconic waterfront, beneath the Brighton Zip. The Friday in question is July 19th, where three high-quality acts will be showcasing their wares, the headline act being Bacci Bag and will be supported by Big Headed Tea Drinkers It is Scattered Ashes. Tickets for tonight are just £3 in advance! So here’s your chance to catch them before one or more of them seriously explodes onto the music scene! We’ve already witnessed live sets from both Bacci Pouch and Bighead Tea Drinkers and here’s what we had to say:

BACCI POUCH at Green Door Store, Brighton 6.6.24 (photos (photos Sara-Louise Bowrey)

The night begins with Bacci Bag who are an independent indie band from Brighton consisting of James Neighbour (guitar and vocals), Sam Raymer (bass) and Charlie Heasman (drums). So far they have released a few singles, these being from 2023 ‘Learning to love’ and this year “When the lights come on.” They are set to release their third installment in August with the arrival of ‘Normal people’.

The boys take the stage at 8:03pm to the sound of The Ronettes ‘Be my baby’ and began to impress bettors with the first of six songs still without a release date, entitled ‘She said’which saw James putting his Fender through its paces whilst laying down vocals. There’s clearly a real buzz from the off as the band have clearly put the word out, as they have plenty of friends in the audience and are therefore heading for three-quarters capacity. Suffice to say this is a decent punk ditty ‘She said’ received a warm welcome, as did all of his music!

The unprecedented ‘By my side’ was the second selection from Bacci Pouch and although less intense than the opener, it still had a pop punk vibe, which like most of their songs reminded me of the long forgotten Northern Irish band The Moondogs. During this song, Sam’s bass guitar strap came undone, but instead of trying to fiddle with it mid-song to try and fix it, he simply knelt on stage and finished the song. The strap was fixed and the trio left. ‘Dilute’ another unreleased number that was delivered very tightly. Next up was his next single‘Normal people’ which benefited from a catchy opening riff and was very similar to The Moondogs and a great choice for a single. Few pop punk artists would think of covering Fatboy Slim ‘O Rockafeller Slut but the Bacci Pouch boys did it and made it sound like it was always a rock number. The trio were certainly on a roll now and sped things up with their fastest number of the show next, this being the first ‘Corsa’ that sounded like it belonged entirely to the famous ‘Spiral scratch’ Buzzcocks EP along with ‘Collapse’, ‘Time’s up’, ‘Boredom’ It is ‘My friends’. That was the highlight of the set for me.

Now the lads only had a trio of tracks left and they were reminding me of another Brighton band, Shady Baby, which is a good thing as I think they are still in my Top 5 Brighton bands and I was thinking of adding Bacci Pouch to that list but there are still three to go! The first of which being their debut single, ‘Learning to love’ from last year. Sam’s bass rumbled in the intro to this track and it was another slice of happiness for me. James then informed the crowd that they were going to play “a new”, what it was “It’s not pretty” and another hit that more than any other reminded me of my Good Vibrations record collection, the Belfast label originally founded by Terri Hooley, which released The Undertones ‘Teenage Kicks’ and releases from Rudi, Outcasts, Protex and The Moondogs, as well as many others of the genre. Bacci Pouch signed with recent single “When the lights come on” which was another success. Tonight was my first time meeting the band and their set was all hits and no misses and I am desperate to see them play live again! Their 31 minute set finished at 8.34pm and yes, I had decided that Bacci Pouch had landed on my list of the top 5 Brighton bands! Great job, guys!

Bighead tea drinkers at the Green Door Store, Brighton 7.2.23 (photos Cris Watkins)

The first ones at 7:48 pm are Big Headed Tea Drinkers, who are a young indie rock band based in Brighton, consisting of Freddie Brindle (vocals/guitar), Ellie Hart (guitar), Kian Ramsey (bass) and Marshall Tyce (drums). Freddie and Marshall are from Essex and wrote some material together at the tender age of thirteen.

They have since moved to Brighton to study at BIMM Institute, which as an organisation has been transforming students’ passions into careers for the past 35 years. Previous alumni have included George Ezra, Fontaines DC and Natasha Bent. It was whilst studying at BIMM Brighton that Freddie and Marshall met Ellie and Kian. As a foursome, they decided to form Bighead Tea Drinkers.

Tonight they take to the Green Door Store stage and from the first notes it’s obvious that the volume is going to be high tonight. The venue is filling up with punters as charismatic frontman Freddie takes us on a journey through his half dozen pulsating guitar and tap-dancing anthems over the next 25 minutes until the conclusion at 8:13pm.

Freddie is learning his trade well, as he is already at this stage in the band’s young career able to draw in punters with his polite enthusiasm. He vacillates between vocals and his Fender guitar, while Ellie makes good use of her left-handed PRS Custom 24, and Kian masters his Squier Mustang bass, while Marshall struggles to keep his drums from tipping over.

Ironically, the song they liked the most for me was one that was written when Freddie and Marshall were thirteen. “You’re not a gangster”which initially sounded like the 1960s classic ‘Batman Theme’ by Nelson Riddle and then turned into a straight-up punk number. The previous song, ‘Immature’, was written at the same time, but the song later, ‘The Way She Goes’was a new number, which had more than a whiff of Arctic Monkeys. They concluded their enjoyable set with their 2022 single, ‘Tokyo’, who we were told can be found on Spotify.

The completion of the next Daltons bill will be Scattered Ashes who are an abrasive four-piece from Dublin. The band kicked off 2024 by embarking on a massive UK tour with Meryl Streek, as well as being named one of the ’10 Irish artists you should be listening to in 2024′ by Louder magazine. In April, the band released their second five-track EP “All that is solid melts into air” via Blowtorch Records, which is actually very solid and contains their ‘Kingdom’ It is ‘Ether’ singles that have already received support from BBC Introducing, Radio X and XS Manchester. The remaining trio of songs being ‘They can’t divide us’, ‘Love is not an option’ It is “I will be king.” If their live performances are as good as their EP, then we are certainly in for a real treat! ashes

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