Newcastle United transfer intent, stars won’t leave this summer and £20m deal is done

Newcastle United transfer intent, stars won’t leave this summer and £20m deal is done

Newcastle United ended June in frenetic fashion as the club raced to meet the financial demands of the Profit and Sustainability Rules – finally raising much-needed funds with the sale of Yankuba Minteh and Elliot Anderson.

On this week’s Monday Show, via The Everything is Black and White Podcast, Chronicle Live hosts Andrew Musgrove and Aaron Stokes reflect on the past 72 hours.

The pair discussed the departures of Minteh to Brighton and Anderson to Nottingham Forest, analysing how big a blow it is to lose two youngsters tipped for stardom. They also discussed how United have found themselves struggling with just hours to go until deadline day, and whether they can now spend funds to strengthen the squad this summer.

You can listen to the show by clicking here or watch it here. Below you will find some of the key points.

Newcastle United owners defended after questions over communications

With United struggling to raise funds to reduce their deficit before the deadline, some fans have asked why the United board have not spoken out and explained how the club found itself in such a situation. Communication was one of the things the owners promised when they took over from Mike Ashley in October 2021 and they have delivered on that – but some have raised questions as to why nothing was said before or after the deadline.

But podcast host Andrew Musgrove believes remaining silent was the right decision for United’s board – to avoid suggesting to rivals that there were any bargains to be had.

“I’m going to defend them here,” Musgrove said. “Because I question what good it would have done to come out in the last week of June and admit you were screwed. Essentially, you know, admit you need to sell to avoid a points deduction.

“It lets potential buyers know that you’re desperate, so they’re going to undercut you. It puts doubts among the players about their future here, and then it just creates panic among the fanbase. So I really think staying quiet until that deadline passes was the right thing to do.

“What we need to see now, and I think it will happen sooner rather than later, is someone to come forward and explain what happened, how we got to this position and what the future holds now. I think that will happen in the next few weeks before the end of the month when we will hear from someone, whether it’s Darren Eales or Peter Silverstone, whoever comes forward and explains what happened and why the future is still very bright at Newcastle.

“But as for the criticism about not coming out yet, I just don’t see what the benefit would be.”

Newcastle United’s crown jewels won’t be leaving this summer

There was a fear before June ended that Newcastle United might struggle to hold on to Bruno Guimaraes – especially if anyone met the £100m release clause that has now expired. For a while, it seemed like that was all United fans had to worry about, but as the last 48 hours of the month have shown, there was a real concern that Alexander Isak or Anthony Gordon could also leave.

Chelsea wanted Isak, while Gordon was courted by Liverpool – and while interest in both may still exist, Aaron Stokes believes that now the PSR deadline has passed, all three United stars will remain at the club beyond this window.

Speaking about Chelsea’s interest in Isak, he said: “I know we’re obviously a bit biased and we’re wearing black and white glasses, and it’s a similar conversation to the one we had when Tosin chose Chelsea over Newcastle, but for me, I don’t see much difference in either club.

“This isn’t a Liverpool or Manchester City or, you know, dare I say it, an Arsenal coming in for Isak. It was Chelsea who you can’t say will definitely finish above Newcastle or not, with the direction both clubs are going at the moment, as you said, there’s a lot of turmoil on and off the pitch for them. They change their managers. It seems like they just buy players left, right and centre.

“I don’t think the move was a start – it was a case of Chelsea trying their luck with Newcastle and seeing how desperate they were to sell. Isak seems very, very settled at Newcastle – he’s been saying all the right things in public about wanting to stay and being happy.

“Keeping Gordon and Bruno will only strengthen Isak’s belief that Newcastle are the right team for him because they won’t need to sell their best players to survive.

“It was a case of Chelsea sensing panic from Newcastle and thinking, you know, ‘let’s see how desperate they really are’, but really, really good to see all three of them are staying. As for Bruno, Gordon and Isak, now that June 30 has passed and we’re starting to see the dust settle a bit, I can’t see any of them going away.

“You might have understood that last week if the deal was right, but I don’t think we’re going to see that now, between now and September.”

Is James Trafford’s Newcastle United signing off?

Newcastle United looked set to sign James Trafford from Burnley earlier this summer for a deal between £16m and £20m, but with the arrival of John Ruddy and Odysseas Vlachodimos at St James’ Park, it appears any move for the Burnley defender is off the table.

United currently have five experienced goalkeepers in Nick Pope, Martin Dubravka and Mark Gillespie, in addition to the two new arrivals, and while Dubravka is likely to leave, it still seems unlikely that Newcastle will spend £20m at Trafford, as Stokes explains.

“The weekend changed a lot of what happens in the goalkeeping department. When Vlachodimos was signed at the weekend, I think a lot of people thought he would come in to replace Loris Karius and be the third option.

“But actually now that they’ve signed John Ruddy, I think it’s essentially Ruddy stepping into Karius’ shoes and I think Vlachodimos is potentially the replacement for Martin Dubravka.

“For me, that probably negates the need to sign James Trafford, especially considering Burnley want £20m and you can then invest that £20m in a position that really needs strengthening.

“Vlachodimos is a former Benfica goalkeeper with a lot of Champions League experience and if you completely disregard what he did at Forest last year, when he only played a few games and wasn’t very well received, and you go back to what he did for Greece and what he did for Benfica, a player who reached the quarter-finals of the Champions League a few seasons ago, it’s a very shrewd move for a very small fee.”

Newcastle United owners urged to show some transfer intent, and quickly

With so many questions raised about the end of June and no welcome signings for the club in January, coupled with the fact that United are out of European football next season, there is a belief that a big-name signing is needed to excite the fans.

United have already completed four deals – the aforementioned Ruddy and Vlachodimos, as well as Lloyd Kelly and Lewis Hall – but Stokes believes there is a need for a bigger name to boost morale.

“As soon as the FA Cup final was over and Manchester United somehow beat Manchester City, it all went downhill from there. We needed some big news at the start of the summer. You know, a replacement for Dan Ashworth? Or a big-name signing?

“So far, we haven’t got any. All we’ve seen so far is Newcastle being turned down for some really big targets and struggling to sell some players they’ve been trying to sell for a while.

“I know they’ve signed four players so far but all four deals don’t scream excitement, they’re not going to get the fans really positive. The next few weeks are crucial, everyone at the club needs a boost and the ownership needs to show some real intent, some real ambition to get everyone back on the same page again.”

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