Keir Starmer leaves voters divided after being dubbed a ‘part-time’ leader: ‘He’s become a Tory!’

Keir Starmer leaves voters divided after being dubbed a ‘part-time’ leader: ‘He’s become a Tory!’

Birmingham voters have been divided as they share their verdict on Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer following his latest controversial comments just days before the general election.

In an admission during an interview with Virgin Radio, Starmer suggested he “wouldn’t do anything work-related after 6pm on a Friday”.

He said, “So on a Friday — I’ve been doing this for years — I won’t do anything work-related after six o’clock, no matter what.

“There are some exceptions, but that’s what we do. In politics, some people think that if you fill your schedule 24/7 and do nothing else, that makes you a much better decision maker. I don’t agree with that.”

Keir Starmer left Birmingham viewers divided after suggesting he would not work past 6pm on Fridays

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Reacting to the comments, GB News asked voters in Birmingham what they thought of Starmer’s admission and whether he is what the Conservatives call him, a “part-time prime minister”.

One voter criticised the Labour Prime Minister and said the idea was “ridiculous”.

He got angry: “It’s really ridiculous. Every day is a different situation and sometimes you can’t do what you want to do.

“You have to work late. Sometimes you can leave early, but you can’t just say, ‘Well, it’s six o’clock, I’m going home.’

The Labour leader said he “doesn’t do work-related things after six o’clock on a Friday”

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In contrast, one voter defended Starmer’s comments and said that even as prime minister he would need “family time to keep the family together”.


Offering a scathing verdict on Starmer, another Birmingham resident criticised his stance on transgender issues and how he is “unable to say what a woman is”.

He raged: “I really dislike Keir Starmer because he has failed to answer one simple question: what is a woman?

“He can simply say ‘I am a man, she is a woman,’ but he will not respond, because he is awake.”

Drawing support from other locals, one father said it was “fair enough” for Starmer to have “family time” on a Friday night.

Some Birmingham voters came to Starmer’s defence, while others criticised him

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He explained: “As a family man, I have children. I think that’s fair.

“Nobody wants to work past six o’clock on a Friday anymore. Just because he’s running the country, I don’t see why he can’t have time for his family.”