FAQs – Leeds United

FAQs – Leeds United

2023/24 Season

Our goal with the ‘Home Ticketing Policy’ is to ensure that access to tickets is fair for all Members and to maintain our commitment to keeping football accessible, while ensuring that we remain competitive on the pitch in the long term.

The pricing structure is split into five price bands including Adult, U11, U16, 16-18 and Concessions* across the following areas of the stadium: Family Stand, North and South Stands, East Stand Upper Wards (adult tickets only) and East Central Lower Ward with East Upper Stand and West Stand.

*Concessions = Seniors 65 and older, young adults 19-22 and disabled fans.

Sales Policy

Tickets will go on sale approximately three to four weeks prior to the home game.

The club will announce on-sale dates via

Tickets are available to current My Leeds members only, one ticket per member.

Please note that membership does not guarantee a ticket to the match.

We strongly recommend that members purchase their tickets online to avoid disappointment.

Please note that when registering online, you will only have access to purchase match tickets if you have the correct Membership level.

Tickets are sold in phases. See below for an example of a typical sales period:

Phase 1 – from 1pm

  • My Leeds Priority Members

  • Reserved allocation, sold on a first come, first served basis

Phase 2 – from 1pm

Phase 3 – from 5pm

  • Opening of the Ticket Exchange

  • General admission season ticket holders who are unable to attend this match may return their seats online by accessing the “My Account” option.

  • Season ticket holders may return their seats up to 90 minutes before kickoff.

For more information on the ticket exchange scheme, click here.

Phase 4 – Online Voting

  • Voting registration opens at 9am and closes at midnight the following day.

  • After voting closes, voting will take place and successful candidates will be notified.

  • All My Leeds members who were unable to purchase a ticket in Phase 1 or 2 can register to vote.

  • Reserved allocation, sold through the voting system

For more information about the voting process, please see the additional information section below.

Phase 5 – Ticket Exchange Sales

Approximately 10 days prior to game time, all seats returned by season ticket holders through the Ticket Exchange will be sold in the following order, on a first-come, first-served basis:

Season ticket holders can return their seats up until 90 minutes before kick-off, so My Leeds members are advised to continue checking the website online for availability up until the day of the match.

Phase 6- Ticket Forwarding

  • Approximately one week before the game, the ticket forwarding service will be available online.

  • General admission season ticket holders and My Leeds members will be able to forward their ticket as a mobile ticket to another fan if they are unable to attend an individual match

  • However, the fan to whom the ticket is being forwarded must be linked to the ticketing account via the “My Friends & Family” option and also be a current member.

For more information on the ticket routing scheme, please see the additional information section below.

For all home games, demand for tickets significantly exceeds supply, with games selling out well in advance of the actual match day. Supporters are advised not to travel to the game without a match ticket. The club reserves the right to alter the on-sale dates or change the on-sale procedure for any match. Match dates and kick-off times are subject to change.


Online voting

All current My Leeds members who are unable to purchase a ticket in Phase 1 or 2 can register to vote online.

If you wish to be voted/sit with friends or family, you must register everything in one application.

Each Member may register for voting only once. The maximum number of Members within a voting application is 10.

To request friends and family, they must be linked to your account via the “My Friends and Family” option in your online ticketing account.

It is critical that you select the correct age range for each candidate.

The lead applicant will need to enter credit/debit card details when submitting the ballot application.

No payments will be processed at the time of ballot registration.

Please note that when registering to vote, you will be able to specify seats in either “General Seating” or “Family Area”.

If you are approved, the automated voting system will automatically allocate you a seat, which can be in any of our general admission grandstands.

To apply for the Family Area, you must meet our criteria of a maximum of two adults for each grant.

If you have accessibility needs, a separate ballot is available for supporters with disabilities.

After the deadline for registering ballots, they will be drawn at random.

Fans who are successful in the ballot will automatically be charged their credit/debit card payment for the full cost of the ticket (including booking fees) and the lead applicant will receive a confirmation email containing their mobile tickets.

If you do not receive an email then you were not successful. Backers can check if they were successful in voting via the ‘My Account’ option within their online ticketing account.

Voting will be carried out game by game.

Ticket Forwarding

General admission season ticket holders and My Leeds members will be able to forward their ticket as a mobile ticket to another fan if they are unable to attend an individual match.

However, the supporter to whom the ticket is being sent must be linked to your ticketing account via the ‘My Friends & Family’ option and also be a current My Leeds member.

Please note that you can forward your seat to a My Leeds member who has the same price tier at no extra cost. For example, from an adult season ticket holder to an adult My Leeds member.

You may also be able to upgrade your ticket as part of the Ticket Forwarding process, for example from Junior Season Ticket Holder to My Leeds Adult Member. In this scenario, there would be an upgrade fee payable.

If you wish to downgrade your season ticket seat to a member in a lower price category, for example from adult season ticket holder to My Leeds junior member, this can be done but no downgrade refund will be offered.

In this scenario, you need to select the new ticket owner from your friends and family list and the new price type, which in this example is Adult.

The new price tier you enter must be that of the Season Ticket Holder, regardless of the price tier of the Member who will receive the forwarded ticket.

To submit your ticket, please follow the step-by-step instructions below:

1. Log into your online ticketing account

2. After logging in, select the ‘Tickets’ option below your name, displayed in the top right corner.

3. Select the relevant game, click the ‘Forward Ticket’ button

4. You will see the game and your seat details listed, click the ‘Forward Ticket’ button

5. Select the new owner of your ticket, click the drop down menu to select the member from your friends and family list

6. Select the new price type (Adult, Senior, etc.) for the Member and click ‘Forward Ticket’

7. The ticket will appear in your cart, any price difference will appear here (e.g. Junior to Adult) Click Continue to complete the purchase

8. You will be asked to confirm who you are forwarding your ticket to, if correct, click ‘Next’

9. Click to accept the Terms and Conditions, click ‘Submit’

10. The season ticket holder’s season pass or member’s game ticket will be deactivated. An email will be sent to the season ticket holder or member and an email confirmation containing the mobile ticket will be sent directly to the member who received the ticket.

11. Ticket forwarding complete!

12. Please note that once a Season Ticket or Match Ticket has been forwarded it cannot be collected by the original Season Ticket Holder or the original Member.

General admission season ticket holders and members can forward their seats to a My Leeds member up until the turnstiles open on match day. Turnstiles open 90 minutes before kick-off.