Tollerton Airport: Council agrees lease terms with Nottingham City Airport for continued use of land

Tollerton Airport: Council agrees lease terms with Nottingham City Airport for continued use of land

Nottinghamshire County Council has approved the grant of a new lease to Nottingham City Airport Ltd for the continued use of land at Nottingham City Airport (Tollerton).

This decision, reported by the Real Estate Asset Management Group Manager, is intended to support the ongoing operations of the airport whilst also securing rental income for the Council.

Main details of the lease agreement

The land in question, located on Tollerton Lane, comprises approximately 16.08 acres, divided into 3.38 acres of firm ground and 12.7 acres of pasture. This land is obviously crucial to the airport’s activities, with the firm ground section serving as part of the runway and taxiway.

Nottingham City Airport

The previous lease on the site expired on 6 December 2023 and since then Nottingham City Airport Ltd has occupied the site under a Tenancy at Will arrangement. The new lease terms, detailed in an exempt appendix (for commercial reasons) to the report, have now been agreed, ensuring that the airport can continue its operations without interruption.

Nottingham City Airport

Consultation and Alternatives

Consultations on the new lease included input from the County Council’s Cabinet Member for Economic Development and Asset Management, as well as the District Member.

Whilst an alternative option considered was to issue a notice to the tenant to vacate the property, this would result in a loss of rental income for the Council, making the new tenancy agreement the more favourable option.

Jet Provost at Nottingham City Airport

Financial and political implications

The lease agreement is set to provide ongoing rental income to the Council, with each party covering its own legal costs for the transaction. The report compiled for this decision also considered various statutory and policy implications, including aspects of finance, data protection, crime and disorder, human resources, human rights, public health and sustainability. Appropriate consultations were conducted to address these implications.

The recommendation to approve the lease is within the delegated authority of the Director of Green Growth, Investment and Asset Services, as implemented by the Cabinet Member for Economic Development and Asset Management.

It comes after plans for a large new housing development of 4,000 homes, which includes an airport in Rushcliffe and will eventually include three schools.

Developers Barwood Land and Taylor Wimpey have submitted plans for the first phase of the ‘Gamston Fields’ development, which will include up to 2,250 homes, a primary school, a local centre, a takeaway restaurant and a shop.

Plans also include a children’s play area and a “green centre” with sports pitches.

The application is for “outline planning permission” — meaning it seeks general permission, with more details to be provided later.


The Gamston Fields plans are part of a larger development of up to 4,000 homes and a secondary school.

Part of the site covers land used by Nottingham City Airport, including the runways, at Tollerton.

Plans have been in the works for some time, with the initial development submitted to Rushcliffe Borough Council in 2020.

In March this year, a second planning application for new homes on the Tollerton Airport site was submitted to Rushcliffe Borough Council following the first submission in December 2020 for housing, a primary school, a local centre and supporting infrastructure.

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It proposes a mix of full and preliminary planning permission for phased residential development that could include housing, a second primary school and supporting infrastructure such as open spaces and sports pitches.

There is another area of ​​land that is not part of the two planning applications received, which could be for additional homes, community infrastructure, employment land and a secondary school.

This second plan garnered 1,642 objections from local residents and stakeholders, as well as a movement on social media to save the airport.

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The Council has informed the applicants that it will not be able to decide on any of the applications until a Supplementary Planning Document (SPD) is ready, which is a master plan for the site.

Planning officers are working with the landowner consortium on the development of this masterplan to ensure that all public and community infrastructure is planned appropriately and to the highest standards, taking into account the needs of new and existing communities.

Rushcliffe Borough Council’s housing and planning cabinet minister, Councillor Roger Upton, said: “We have a duty to validate the application if it is correct and we cannot refuse to do so, but applicants are aware that we cannot determine the application until the SPD is in place.

“We will formally consult with technical advisors, borough members, relevant Parish Councils and local residents, all of whom will have the opportunity to comment on the proposals.”