Thrifty mum creates daughter’s dream Frozen themed bedroom for just £50

Thrifty mum creates daughter’s dream Frozen themed bedroom for just £50

Any room makeover can be expensive, but a themed bedroom can really burn a hole in your pocket. But one Cardiff mum has found a way to save hundreds of pounds by transforming her daughter’s bedroom herself.

Sharnene Jewell, 48, is a stay-at-home mum from Cardiff. When her nine-year-old daughter Amaya asked for her room to be decorated like one of her favourite films, Disney’s Frozen, she initially didn’t know where to start.

Instead of buying expensive wallpaper, however, or asking a decorator for help, Sharnene completed the project herself, painting a mural as the main feature. She said: “When my little girl said she wanted a Frozen-themed room, I had no idea where to start.

“My daughter loves horses and the new movie has a beautiful water horse, so I knew that’s what I would try to paint on the main wall. I found some pictures online and used chalk to draw the outline. I used chalk because it’s easy to wash off if I wanted to make any adjustments.”

Sharnene took on the challenge of transforming her daughter’s bedroom from a Barbie theme to Frozen (Image: Sharnene Jewell, Latestdeals)
Sharnene painted the horse mural to save money (Image: Sharnene Jewell, Latestdeals)

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Her first bargain came when she found Frozen bedding for just £17.50, down from £35, in the Next sale. She then took the pillowcase from the bedding set to B&Q, where they were able to produce paint that matched it exactly, and she said the vases were “a great size for the price too”.

Another way Sharnene saved money was by using old paints to make a grey colour to redecorate her daughter’s wardrobe, rather than buying new ones. She told “I was really pleased to be able to rework her second-hand furniture from beige stone to white and then to grey concrete effect.

“I used two colors and layered them while lightly mixing them as I went. I used a gray that I mixed myself from some old paints and a beige. I also decided to paint the light, the clock and the unicorn head all matching.” For the latest Cardiff news, sign up to our newsletter here

She used paint she already had to repaint the wardrobes with the Frozen theme.(Image: Sharnene Jewell, Latestdeals)
Amaya was delighted with her new room (Image: Sharnene Jewell, Latestdeals)

Sharnene is no stranger to upcycling and thrift shopping, with many of her bedroom accessories having had many lives already. Amaya’s bed was bought second-hand on Gumtree, the mirror was bought for £2 at a car boot sale, the unicorn head, which was originally rose gold, she bought at the Next sale and all of them have been painted numerous times to match the different themes in the room.

Amaya’s new bedroom took just a week to complete and cost Sharnene just £50 to redecorate, and Amaya “absolutely loved it”. Sharnene recommended repurposing old furniture to help save hundreds of dollars on the cost of the renovation.

She said: “Painting a mural and upcycling is a great way to change your decor without spending any money. It would probably cost someone else hundreds to do it, especially the mural. I think upcycling furniture saves money and is better for the environment. If you want to do the same, I recommend checking out high-end fashion retail sites for things you like and then thinking about ways to recreate the same look for less.”