PSNI officer injured in Belfast dog attack – The Irish News

PSNI officer injured in Belfast dog attack – The Irish News

A PSNI officer has been injured after being attacked by a dog in Belfast.

Footage of the incident was shared online, showing the officer being bitten on the foot by the strong dog as another officer tries to stop the attack with a baton.

The terrifying incident happened at a property in the Silverstream Avenue area of ​​north Belfast last week and is now being investigated by Belfast City Council’s dog wardens.

In footage captured by a security camera, two PSNI officers can be seen calling at the door of a house, before the door opens and the dog comes out and bites the officer on the foot.

She struggles to escape the animal, while her colleague tries to hit it in the head with a baton.

The officer shouts for a resident to control the dog, and a woman can be seen hitting it with a broom, before pulling it by the tail, in an attempt to stop the attack.

A woman tried to stop the attack by pulling the dog’s tail.

However, the dog’s jaws remain locked on the officer, who manages to get out of the property’s gate. The officer tries to close the gate between his partner and the dog, while the resident hits the dog on the head with the baton.

After fighting for nearly two minutes, the attack ends when the dog pulls the boot off the officer’s foot.

A PSNI spokesman said: “The officer suffered an injury to her foot after the dog grabbed her boot. Another officer who was present at the time of the dog attack was thankfully uninjured.

“The dog warden has been contacted in relation to this report and investigations remain ongoing.”

The Irish News has contacted Belfast City Council for comment.